Today it is time to finally say goodbye to my old website. Being self-employed can be very stressful but it is also very fulfilling. I get to create amazing projects for a number of clients from various sectors and I always try to reflect the latest design standards and trends. This is exactly the reason why I am taking down this site in order to relaunch it (hopefully within the next one or two months).

I really had a thing for my old website and by no means is it a bad example for webdesign. However, I want to set a good example for my clients and adapt my website to the latest standards. While creating a concept for the new site, I realized that many of my former projects will not make it to the new one. I want my portfolio to reflect the best and most creative work I have done so far. Another important step that I will take is redesigning my own logo since the old one was not creative enough anymore.

I hope to see you again soon!





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