Every beginning is difficult and I know that I still have a long way to go but today I had an important realization. After finishing a huge and time consuming project, it finally became clear to me what I want to do as soon as I finish school: I want to work as a web designer and maybe even start my own company one day. The project I have been talking about was the entire redesign of my school’s webiste, which I did completely on my own. Although I have learned how to design a website in school, doing it alone and with my own ideas was a true challenge. However, it was also a very inspiring process. Seeing, what I am capable of and how much I am able to achieve was a huge motivation for me. Of course receiving a reward for extraordinary merits from my school’s director also did its part.

Inspired by my accomplishment on the school website, I started to do more projects like this. Having my own website was just the logical next step during the process. Additionally, I designed a new site for the fraternity that I am a member of. The website is still online today (www.nordgau-laa.at).

I would like to take this opportunity and thank my former professor Brigitte Stowasser for being such a great teacher and for laying out the cornerstone to my future career!

I hope you stay tuned because this might be the start of something very exciting!




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