the timeless classics


The Timeless Classics

More than just timeless.

During my postgraduate studies at Hong Kong PolyU School of Design, we worked on various innovative projects and “The Timeless Classics” is one of the best projects which I would like to introduce:

From the elective course of ‘Innovative Products & Services Development,’ we were working on the challenge in developing a service or product to strengthen the luxury market in Hong Kong and bringing the customers back to the retail stores. My group developed a co-creation service with local artists aiming at the refurbishment of used and old luxury bags. That being said, the luxury handbags of existing customers that were no longer used will be repaired and embellished individually for the customer with hand painted art.

After our pitch presentation in front of a jury, Christian Foddis (CEO of Greater China, Salvatore Ferragamo), we got the outlook to further implement our project with Salvatore Ferragamo in the future.

Personal role: Ideas & Development, Pitch Presentation (graphics, layout & presentation)




School of Design, PolyU Hong Kong


Philipp Hicker
Feifei Piyanoot Akkarathammakul
Shirley Xu Geng

Kelly Sin King Man
Ian Lai Ka Tsun
Carol Wong Wing Wai

Subject Leader:

Dr. Joern Buehring