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Zentrum Hören


Zentrum Hören

Turning Imagination Into Form

The origami bird was designed as a marketing element for “Zentrum Hören” in Vienna, Austria. It has been proved for a long time that origami has a relaxing and comforting effect on people and even medics are now acknowledging the origami as an effective tool for nervous or eager patients. Zentrum Hören will use the bird to calm down their patients in the anteroom. They will provide people with the necessary equipment and an instruction on how to fold the bird. This will keep them busy while waiting for their appointment. The bird will also be used on the website and in video messages. Not as a logo but as a strong and recognizable marketing element. One possible application for the bird in a video would be at the end of the message. The bird would then close the final scene by flying away.


Zentrum Hören

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Palais Liechtenstein
1090 Wien